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Backups in a Paperless Office

After speaking recently at the 4th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference (May 6-7, 2009, Toronto), I have received emails asking for more information, especially on the topic of ‘going paperless’ in a small law office. In responding to those email queries, it occurred to me that my answers might be helpful to others. This is the first of what may be several blogs in which I share my answers. This one is about my thoughts on backups. For the office that goes paperless, reliable, frequent backups are critical as there is no paper copy available.

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When Will a Court Remove an Attorney for Property?

Attorneys for property take note! A recent court decision, Re Schaefers,  has provided some guidance as to when the court will remove an acting attorney for property. Generally, the court will not interfere with the choice of an attorney who has been named in a valid Power of Attorney signed by a capable person (the ‘donor’); however, there are times when a court finds that it must intervene. This was one such case. Throughout this blog, where I refer to ‘attorney’ I mean the substitute-decision maker  named in a document called a Power of Attorney.  In this blog, an attorney does not mean a lawyer.

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Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference, May 2009

Just back from Toronto where I co-chaired (with Dan Pinnington) the 4th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference and Expo (May 7, 2009) which was a great success.  The conference was sold out!  Throughout the day, there were many enthusiastic and very positive comments from attendees.    It was great to see the results of months of planning and preparation.  Lots of great, practical ideas were shared.  Attendees were extremely engaged with speakers and with each other.   The fact that we were all together for the day made for great networking opportunities (continental breakfast, buffet lunch and cocktail reception at the end of the day meant that no one had to leave to get food elsewhere). 

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