Appointing a non-resident as your executor? Here is what you need to know about administrative bonds.

will lawyer estate ottawaActing as an executor (estate trustee) can be a daunting and challenging task in the best of times. The requirement for an administrative or estate bond can add another layer of complexity to an already complicated situation.
An administrative or estate bond may be required in various situations. For example, an executor (estate trustee) or individual applying for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee (probate) may be required to post a bond where, for example, the deceased did not leave a Will, the executor named in the Will is not a resident of Ontario or the individual applying to the Court was not named in the Will as an executor.

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gift cottage estate planning

Thinking of buying a cottage during COVID-19? This blog is for you!

gift cottage estate planningThe COVID-19 pandemic will leave significant damage to many sectors of the Canadian economy in its wake. One sector that appears to be not only escaping this damage but thriving during the pandemic, however, is the cottage real estate market. Cottage sales have actually surged in recent months. Many speculate that this has much to do with the COVID-19 pandemic itself. An increased number of people are now able, and sometimes encouraged, to work remotely which makes extended stays at the cottage that much easier. Also, lengthy periods of quarantine in urban centres have sparked a desire in many for an increased connection with more rural landscapes.
We have blogged on issues relating to cottage ownership several times in the past and thought it would be helpful to those considering the purchase of a cottage during COVID-19 to have the links to many of these blogs in one place.

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Planning for your Vacation Home Away from Home

estate ottawa real estateAs we are well into the coldest month in Canada, many Canadians seek refuge in warmer climates. For many, a brief escape from the cold and snow is enough. Others might be considering more long-term options. This may include whether to acquire ownership rights over a favorite vacation property.
If you are entertaining such a purchase, careful estate planning is important.

Beware of hidden legal nuances

It is important to be aware of the fact that, on death, real property is dealt with pursuant to the laws of the jurisdiction in which the property is located. What if your dream holiday home is located in a jurisdiction whose statutes dictate the so called “forced heirship rules”?

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